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It is a distillate obtained from the fermentation and subsequent distillation of various cereals, matured in oak barrels. Some cereals, such as barley, are germinated and transformed into malt. The spelling whiskey is generally used to indicate those distilled in Scotland and Canada, while the spelling whiskey generally indicates those distilled in Ireland and the United States (Bourbon whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Rye whiskey and Corn whiskey).
Canadian whiskey is also called Canadian whiskey, while that made in Alaska and on the Canadian border, where the main ingredient is rye, is called Rye whiskey. The most famous, however, is certainly the one produced in Scotland where three profoundly different categories of spirits are produced: Single malt, malt whiskey obtained from the distillation of only barley malt, Blended whisky, obtained from mixing cereal whiskey with whiskey of barley malt and Single grain, obtained from the distillation of cereals other than barley, such as wheat and corn and produced by a single distillery, with continuous distillation.

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