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"For me, coffee is passion and emotion. Entering the world of coffee was initially a slow process that coincided with my introduction to the life and culture of Costa Rica, a country that I have been frequenting for thirty years and that I love. coffee is something profound that starts from contact with nature, the plantations, the people who produce it and drink it. As an Italian in Costa Rica, coffee was an unknown reality, if not for the mocha in the morning or the espresso at the bar. During my stays in Central America, however, I realized that it is a world around which the life of Costa Ricans revolves, employed in economic activities but also the main drink on which social and family life is based. Coffee made me little by little transmitted a sense of beauty, happiness and pleasure in tasting it. All this pushed me to try to share this passion by starting a marketing activity six years ago, creating the Sabor Cafè brand, bringing a piece of Costa Rica with its prized single origin coffees. This dream is coming true..." - Sergio, the owner. 

The Arabic word qahwa قهوة originally identified a dark red drink produced from the juice extracted from some seeds. If drunk it caused exciting and stimulating effects, so much so that it was also used as a medicine. Today this word in Arabic means coffee.

From the term qahwa we moved on to the Turkish word kahveand through a progressive narrowing of meaning, in Italian it became coffee. This derivation is contested by those who maintain that the term coffee derives from the name of the region in which this plant was most widespread in its wild state, Caffa, in south-western Ethiopia.

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