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Taste the quality of the big names in oenology and discover hidden pearls of small local realities. Our wine treasures are stored in the dark, preventing them from coming into contact with natural or artificial light. All still wines are placed on their side. Optimal humidity and temperature are maintained through natural processes. Aging and maturation give the wine character and personality: in our cellars it continues to improve undisturbed over time. The purchase of alcohol is reserved for adults.

How Store it?

-Position: Arrange the bottles without bubbles on their sides: this position facilitates contact between wine and cap, keeping the cork moist and well adherent to the neck of the bottle. By preventing the cork from drying out, air is prevented from entering the inside of the bottle and oxidizing its content. The bottles with bubbles    they can also be positioned vertically.

-Lighting: Darkness is a friend of wine, unlikeof light and sun. CPreserve your valuable purchases by avoiding contact with natural or artificial light.

-Environment: To best preserve the wine and avoid alterations, cohabitation with sources of intense odor is not recommendedsour and vinegar.

-Temperature: between 10° and 20°C.

-Humidity: must be maintained between 60 and 80%.

Refrigerator: Do not store in NoFrost refrigerators for more than two weeks which, by eliminating the humidity inside the device, causes the cork in the stopper to dry out. 

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