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The best quality with one click. 
Cantina Sabauda was founded on this simple premise: good things make us happier and healthier human beings. The search for products is very scrupulous because they have to meet very high quality standards. Great attention is paid to preservation: the products are kept in the dark, preventing them from coming into contact with natural or artificial light. Optimal humidity and temperature are controlled by natural processes, and all still wines are placed on one side to prevent air from penetrating inside and oxidizing the contents. We only choose products made in an eco-sustainable way and without the exploitation of animals or environmental resources; the packaging is re-used or comes from sustainable sources. By purchasing at Cantina Sabauda you contribute to keeping small artisan businesses and tradition alive. We appeal to connoisseurs, enthusiasts and newcomers united by a passion for quality and above all by the curiosity to discover new things.


"I immediately became passionate about quality: there is something excellent in the simple act of drinking or eating that improves our mood and makes us happier. It is with these cornerstones (plus a lot of effort and sweat) that Cantina Sabauda was born. I invite you to join us in this wellness-seeking experience, whether you are a newcomer to quality or an esteemed connoisseur, you will see how wonderful it can be."
Keep tasting.
– Greg and the Cantina Sabauda's team

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