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Cantina Sabauda is specialises in taking care of the moments, leaving nothing to chance. Details are important to ensure that the event of your dreams is the way you wanted it to be. For us, nothing is unachievable and, with our great experience, we are able to transform ideas and turn them into reality in a magnificent moment, capable of astonishing and amazing. 
Leave it to us to organise your private or corporate event. We will track all the details, take care of the bureaucracy, the choice of location, the set-up and the catering. You can choose wines, spirits, beers and appetizers for your event directly from this website. We will be able to give shape to your ideas, using original inspirations and cutting-edge concepts. Our passion will turn into your best event.


Every event is a moment to live and collect, we give shape to your dreams and we can turn your ideas into a perfect party into a memorable event. Leave it to us to manage everything: from the set-up to the catering, from the reception to the organization. We can plan your private event and make it wonderful in every way. We'll help you choose the right venue and take care of the set-up, timing, catering, logistics and everything you need for such a special moment. We'll take care of every detail so that your friends, family and relatives can share this wonderful moment with you. We'll always be there to make sure everything goes as planned.


Do you have a company and want to create an amazing event? If that's what you want, with us at Cantina Sabauda you can make it happen. 

Tell us about the company's history and how you would like to make the event happen, don't be afraid to get lost in the details, we love to listen to all the ideas of our customers. Then, sit back and let us take care of it. We start from the planning, using original and cutting-edge concepts, we choose the ideal location and take care of the whole running of the party: logistics, music, catering and spirits according to your tastes. We plan and realise your event from start to finish, letting you enjoy it every moment.

Destination Management Company
Do you have an exceptional location and want to turn it into a venue for exclusive events and monitor its progress? You can do that with us. We can plan your budget, logistical services, technical equipment and highly skilled staff for you. We love to put ours
elves in the game and, using our best skills, such as efficiency and reliability, we can provide you with all the organisational, logistical and accessory services you need.

Your achievements, our goals.
A conference, a meeting or a seminar can be a reminder. If you want to amaze by creating unique and sophisticated training and meeting moments, entrust us. The best and most characteristic location where you intend to hold your event, solutions for a convention combined with a meal or a tasty aperitif. If you have a presentation to give, you will have a suitable venue to amaze everyone. Tell us how you would like to develop your training day or congress and we will evaluate together, according to your budget, the best options. Cantina Sabauda also carries out the graphic study and the printing of materials or the publication of abstracts. We also take care of transfers and hospitality, and then conclude with a statistical and final report of the event.


Competent and qualified staff, chosen through casting and careful selection. Collaborating in always different events, be they social, trade fair or congress, we aim to build and remain faithful to the image of our customers, reflecting it starting with the staff. Cameriers, Barman, Chef, Dj, Photographers, Videomakers, Security Attorneys.

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