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Founded in 1895 in Roddino d'Alba and included in the Historical Companies of Italy by Vittorio Emanuele Mauro. The Mauro family grows ancient vines where Nebbiolo di Dronero Drôné Chatus is produced, cultivated in Valle Maira as early as 1200. In this charming corner of Piedmont, the cultivation of vines has a very ancient history. In 1160 the monks of San Colombano were sent by the Longobard King Ariperto II to cultivate and reclaim these lands; they planted a particular vine called Nebbiolo di Dronero or French Chatus. It is from these cultivations that Drôné is born: an intense ruby colour, a fresh and fruity aroma of canine rose and raspberries, an austere and herbaceous flavour, a vigorous but elegant nerve; balanced and harmonious. A very particular and unique wine, strictly typical of the Dronerese soils. The vineyards are located in the municipality of Dronero and Villar San Costanzo, over 600 metres above sea level. Production is limited and bottles are numbered. Mountain wine included in the Regional Register of Historic and Heroic Vineyards.

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