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Giulio Cocchi was a young and creative pastry chef from Florence who moved to Asti at the end of the nineteenth century. He created original recipes for Barolo Chinato, American Aperitif and various types of Vermouth, quickly gaining success and fame. Giulio Cocchi's idea, exceptional for the time, was to open authorised shops where he could taste these products. Cocchi was a well-known brand during the Belle Epoque and on the eclectic scene of the Futurist period. Cocchi's name and products soon became famous all over the world, as evidenced by export documents: from New York to London, from Sydney to Africa and Venezuela. Cocchi has devoted much attention to quality Brut sparkling wines from single grape varieties, produced with the Italian method since the 1980s such as CocchiBrut and, more recently, to the creation and enhancement of the DOCG Altalanga, of which Cocchi is still one of the most committed champions. From the founder Giulio Cocchi, the winery has also inherited an inexhaustible liveliness and a qualitative research that has brought it to be known and appreciated on five continents. All Cocchi products are wine-based and the recipes are those of the past, coded on the basis of the intuitions of Giulio Cocchi himself. What defines the Cocchi style is elegance and authenticity, the quality of the wine and the ingredients, the centuries-old technical experience, a passion and creativity that have never faded over the years. Since 2012 Giulio Cocchi has been registered in the National Register of Historical Enterprises of Italy for its first 130 years of uninterrupted activity.

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