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Voci Erranti run a Biscuit Factory within the Saluzzo Prison to offer training and work opportunities to inmates. The inmates involved in the project have the chance to learn a trade, to prepare for future social reintegration and to promote an economy attentive to people and relationships. Jailbird biscuits are bridges between prison reality and outside society, the results of a process in which, through work, the person can recover his or her dignity. Prepared with local ingredients from the Saluzzo area, they have the taste of homemade biscuits and the fragrance of freedom. The biscuits were created as a work opportunity for the inmates of the Saluzzo prison. They are the fruit of the work of Antonio, Camillo, Carmine, Enzo, Toni and Vincenzo who, together with Lorenza and Gianpiero, recover traditional recipes and valorise the raw materials of the Saluzzo area.

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