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Cascina San Mauro is the main headquarters of the estate, located in the municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze, a town in the Province of Asti which borders the municipality of Neive. The farmhouse was built on the top of the hill and recalls the classic Piedmontese courtyard of the mid-nineteenth century, closed by perimeter walls with a large central courtyard; the vineyards envelop the estate in a splendid photograph. Cascina Vallone is a small farm in the hamlet of Piani di Castagnole Lanze; the vineyard faces east with a view of the Langhe. The soils of this farm are sedimentary, particularly sandy and therefore suitable for red grapes. The vineyards, cultivated mainly with the Guyot cultivation system, produce fine wines. Tenuta San Mauro is an ancient family passion: Mauro took the pleasure of wine from his mother with the defense of authenticity at all costs and from his father the love for the land, for ancient agriculture, its traditions and its values.

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