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“St. Barth Ouanalao” represents the latest expression of French luxury. Saint Barth is a bubble. A bubble of France, of the Antilles, of holidays.

This 25 square kilometer, totally jagged coriander floats 25 kilometers from Saint-Martin and 230 kilometers from Guadeloupe. The only local news is the megayachts docking at the port or the even larger boats dropping anchor in Gustavia Bay, the pocket capital of this kingdom of carefree. Abramovich, Stallone, Kate at a friend's house, Paul Allen, Victoria's Secret models, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Laeticia with the children... Luxury is the essence of the island: taxi drivers travel in Porsche Cayenne, seven 5 stars comfort the local standing and the paparazzi are ready to immortalize the party which will be the front page of People magazine tomorrow.

It is local custom to lounge and toast with Champagne St. Barth, against the backdrop of a pastel lagoon and flower gardens

St. Barth places two populations that interbreed very little. The inhabitants of the island on the one hand, their ancestors were fishermen who landed from Brittany, Norman captains, blond giants from Scandinavia (once, from 1784 to 1877, Louis XVI ceded his colony to the King of Sweden) or carpenters from the Vendée . On the other, visitors always buzzing and all members of the Gotha. Tasting St. Barth champagne is not a privilege for everyone. The ordinary world remains far from the skyline. Saint-Barth is a bubble. Tonight it's St. Barth champagne!

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