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Protect the bees: adopt a hive!

Bees are not only producers of honey; they are responsible for about 70% of the pollination of all living plant species on the planet and account for about 35% of global food production. In short, they play an essential role in ecosystems.

But scientists say this precious living thing could be in serious danger due to habitat change, environmental pollution, the intensification of agriculture over the past six decades, and the widespread and unstoppable use of synthetic pesticides. They could be extinct in 100 years. This would have devastating consequences for biodiversity, given that one third of the food we eat depends on pollination.

Why adopt a Wild Cherry Hive?

Wild Cherries have families of bees at the sites of Canosio, in the upper Val Maira and Santa Brigida, in the municipality of Manta. Various types of honey are produced: acacia, cherry, milleflower, mountain milleflower, chestnut, dandelion, lime and clover. With a contribution of €100, you will be able to adopt a hive from the Cooperative, thus offering a double contribution: support for the ecosystem and the work of disadvantaged people who take part in the preparation of hives and, later, in the harvesting and packaging of honey. 

What will you get?


Personalised honeycomb: Choose a honeycomb with a family of bees and share the decoration project with the kids of the cooperative. Your name will be imprinted so that it can be recognised among the others.

Activity Sharing: Through email, Whatsapp or Social, you will be regularly updated on the evolution of life in the hive, so you can share every aspect and change of bee community life.

Donation of honey: At the end of the season, you will receive a donation of 2kg of the honey produced by the bees in your hive. You will then be able to taste the authentic flavour of what you have helped to preserve.

Interactive training day in beekeeping.

Scroll as a symbol of recognition for adoption.

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